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Advertising on 240sx Listed

If you have any questions on regarding advertising pricing please contact us using the CONTACT page. Pricing depends on the size of the ad, location, and term of the ad, the longer the ad is placed the cheaper the ad spot will be. By purchasing an ad spot, you also get free weekly posts via our Social Media accounts, 2 facebook pages both related to Nissan 240sx's with over 8k members on each page. Twitter posts, and instagram as well are free when an ad spot as been purchased. Website statistics are given upon request. Analytical information provided - Unique Hits, Total Impressions, Keyword Searches. We offer CPM or CPC when advertising with us.


Sponsoring 240sx Listed

We are always looking to work with companies looking for a cheaper alternative to advertising. By sponsoring 240sx Listed you get your business or company logo/banner placed on the footer of the site with a clickable link to what ever page you like. With sponsoring us we are not looking for a monetary payment, but more of a partnership/collaboration. If you can provide us with a coupon code designed for 240sxlisted and it's followers to save money on future purchases we have much to offer. If a coupon code is not possible, we also accept products in which the products will be used to give away to our members.

If this sounds like something you and your company would be interested in, here are the benefits:

-footer image placement "Sponsor location"

-Social media plugs, instagram, twitter, facebook(2 pages of 8k+) daily or weekly posts

-Banner ad placed on another location of the side.



This site is developed and ran by 240sx enthusiast and are not looking to generate profits but to give back to the community. Please use the contact page if you have any questions.



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