Below you will be able to find a bit of useful information regarding 240sxListed and the Free Nissan 240sx Giveaway Drawings that go on.


Entries must include First, Last, and working Email. Why do we need this information you may be wondering? We use this to help contact the winner, share the winner, and take note of previous winners for future promotions. The winner of the drawing will be contacted via Email the day of the drawing. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, the winner forfeits the 240sx Parts. If not claimed the prize then gets rolled over to the next contest. If done correctly you may enter not once, not twice, but many times over by sharing the contest, via social media. The more you share along other social media the more entries you get, the more entries you then get means better odds of winning!


For any reason during the drawing for the winner, we have the right to not release the Nissan 240sx goods to the winner for any reason. Reasons to not receive the prize, Cheating, Fowl Language, Racial postings, and so on. Be respectful of others, if you win, do not post talking about how “everyone are losers” this is not how a “lucky” winner should act.

Prizes are random, and vary on price, size, and weight. Many prizes we give away are donated by parts manufacturers and or retailers. If you win a Wide-band from Glow Shift, show them love and post on there Facebook/social media thanking them for the chance to win at 240sxlisted. Without sponsors/supporters we would not be able to give out anything free!

Minimum Entries Required

Due to the number of entries certain prices get, we have decided that if said price does not have a minimum of 50 entries, the drawing date for said prize will be pushed to the following week.

Larger prizes will have a longer entry time.